BLOG: Geno Does NOT Know Best

The New York Jets are my favorite professional football team, and they somehow still manage to make me upset at least once a week.

When they first drafted Geno Smith back in 2013 I knew it was a bad investment for the team.  Although Mark Sanchez was not playing as well as he should have, there were many other paths the Jets could have taken instead of drafting arguably the worst quarterback in the National Football League.

My despise for Smith started before he was even drafted. Although he was a great college football player, he needed major work to become a professional player. His ball placement was off and so were his leadership skills.

Neither of these were able to be resolved during his first year playing for the Jets.  This may not be all Smith’s fault, but he is still accountable because he is unable to place the ball where it needs to be and take control of his team.

A quarterback is the heart and soul of a team. A good QB is the start of a good team and the other players need to have confidence in their QB that he will take them to the playoffs with their help.

Obviously this is another area the Jets’ QB is lacking in considering they only won four games last year. I cannot blame this all on him and I have no problem giving some of the blame to head coach Rex Ryan for not preparing him properly and not calling the right plays.

Even though the team was bad, Geno still could have tried to pick his team up when they were down and lead the team to a better season than last season. However, that did not happen.  Instead earlier this year on Tuesday, Aug. 11 the starter was punch in the mouth by I.K. Enemkpali, a reserve linebacker.  

If Smith was respected in the locker room by his teammates the chances of a punch being thrown that breaks his jaw is almost unfathomable. You would never hear a story about Tom Brady or Russell Wilson having their jaw broken by an own teammate.  

All I am saying is that Geno Smith should have never been drafted in the first place to the NYJ.  The head coach should have had confidence in his players to turn themselves around and not mess up the team chemistry. Rex Ryan, however, did decide to draft him and set the Jets down a path of loss and lack of respect from other teams.

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