BLOG: Eat. Sleep. Larkspur.



About six months ago my family and I moved to Perry Park in Larkspur. Before this move I have lived in Highlands Ranch practically my entire life. I lived five houses up from one of my best friends and lived minutes away from my other best friends.


I was very excited to move because I thought of it as a new adventure and stage in my life. I wanted to experience what it’s like to live outside the bubble, make new friends and make even more memories.


I live about 45 minutes away from Vista and have only been tardy to class twice (so far). A lot of people tend to ask “do you hate driving that far?”, and to be honest I actually like the drive. I think it’s a time to get your thoughts together and just hangout, but yes sometimes the drive is a pain especially after a long day and you just wanna get home.

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Living in Larkspur entitles seeing wildlife like bears, deer and foxes almost daily. It’s kind of scary actually because sometimes the deer sneak up on you and you will turn around outside and BAM there’s a deer. Like just the other day, for example, I was taking my dog (Izzy) outside to go to the bathroom and after I put her in the dog run I turned around and there was a mom and two baby deer staring right back at me.

IMG_2374                                             IMG_2420

I have only seen one bear and it was a little cub in a tree at night. My dad was taking the dog out one night and he heard a large animal breathing. He immediately called the dog back in and called me on my phone because I was heading home from work and he didn’t want a bear to see me step out of my car smelling like a chicken nugget, but later that night my dad and I were using the garage light to look in the tree tops. After about 15 minutes I saw two eyes, it was definitely a baby bear and we were worried that the mom wasn’t too far behind.
Living in Larkspur is very exciting and fun. More stories to come.


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