BLOG: Day 1 in Seattle: Photography Workshop

Photos and story by: Lauren Lippert and Mikayla Olave

On day one in Seattle, Mikayla and I were a part of a photography workshop where we were taught the proper functions of the camera and how to incorporate that throughout the Mountain Vista Media program. After an hour in the classroom we made our way to Pikes Place, a market place located in Downtown Seattle, Washington. From there, our teachers assigned us different photography techniques to try. This included different compositions, apertures, shutter speeds and fitting all of the small details into the frame. Every 30 minutes, we would meet in a certain spot and discuss what to change, the problems we encountered, where we were in relation to the action, etc. Then we would be sent back out to improve on our weaknesses. After walking around the market for a few hours, we were able to gain some experience and practice with our cameras as well as meet the people of Seattle.

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