BLOG: College Ultimate



Ultimate frisbee: a team sport in which players seek to score points by passing a frisbee to a teammate over the opposing team’s goal line.


I have been playing Ultimate for only two years now, but I see many more years in my future. Currently I am one of the two captains of Mountain Vista’s Ultimate team, High Point. As a captain I try and spread my love for the game and get more people interested in frisbee.


I first began playing Ultimate because my brother played on the UNC ultimate team. One time when he was visiting us at home, he brought home a frisbee and I haven’t been able to put it down since.


Recently over spring break, I went up to UNC for a college visit with my brother. Luckily for me one of his room mates still plays on the Ultimate team and later that night he invited me to go play with them. Inside I was extremely excited to check out the Ultimate team since I’ve been thinking about attending UNC, but on the outside I had to keep my cool so that the college players will wanna play with me and so that I can impress all the college girls.  


I’ll admit it when we first started playing I was a little rusty, but the more we played the more comfortable I got with the team and the better I played. This was a very cool experience because now I can go back to my team and share all the really cool plays and tricks the UNC team shared with me.
Ultimate frisbee is a really fun sport and I can’t wait to play in college. UNC is definitely one of my top choices for school and it moved up on the list now that I’ve played on the Ultimate team.

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