BLOG: Blog About It- The Cost of Education


One thing that really bothers me is the fact that we have to pay ridiculous amounts to take standardized tests.

I recently signed up for the SAT II Biology test and was shocked to find out what it costs to help myself get into college. The test is literally one hour long and it cost 44 dollars. The book is probably like 50 pages in itself and the answer sheet is no more than 6. So why is it costing me 44 dollars???????? And although I had already taken two SAT II tests, I still had to pay the fee for sending colleges information about myself that hadn’t changed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why isn’t it a one time fee for that information!??? Or free????? Or maybe there can be a buy one get one free deal. Like sorry I was too dumb the first time I took your dumb test and now I’m trying to get better!!!????


I feel like the College Board is just trying to make money off us students who are trying to improve our education. They are using the power they have over us unfairly. It’s required by so many colleges to take the ACT or SAT and expected that we get a certain score. If you’re like me and didn’t do as well as you hoped the first time you took the test, sucks for us! We have to pay another 52 dollars to attempt to higher our scores. And realistically, probably another 52 dollars after that.


And AP Exams. Why does the price keep increasing? I’m pretty sure that there’s no reason for the exam to cost three dollars more every year? Did the curriculum get more expensive? Or is the College Board just trying to make more money off us students who are working hard to gain college credit? I suspect the latter.


AND if I want to submit these scores to said colleges I have to pay another 12 dollars PER test. So if I apply to four schools and I took two tests that’s 104 dollars to take the test and another 48 dollars to report my scores.


And I also have to pay to apply to college? Aren’t you getting enough money when I pay my 67 thousand dollar tuition and fees and room and board? Do you really need an extra 85 dollars? Application fees are also non-refundable… I’m not going to pay you 90 dollars to reject me.


So what do you guys think? Are the prices justified or are tests and admissions just big money makers?

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