Blog About It: The Unwanted


The holidays are over but you’ve got some unwanted things. Here’s how to deal with unwanted…

  • Gifts: We all got that one gift that makes you cringe.
    • If they clearly didn’t put any thought into it… return it. Even if you don’t have a gift receipt, most stores will trust you and allow you to exchange it for something you like or give you store credit.
    • If they actually tried… commend their efforts and do one of two things: accept it or return it, without ever letting them know.
  • Holiday weight: Accidentally ate too many cookies?
    • Commit to going to the gym. This year will not be the same as last where you went to the gym for two weeks/days and called it quits.
    • Do some situps. Start with five and add one every day until you get to 100 or 1000 or whatever you feel.
  • College decisions: “Where are you going to college?” I DON’T KNOW LEAVE ME ALONE
    • So you didn’t get what you wanted to hear… Cry for a day or two, be angry for day, wallow in self-pity but then that’s it. It just wasn’t meant to be and everything will be okay. There’s nothing you can do about it now so focus on other schools. Don’t pout so long that you miss all the deadlines and truly hate yourself.
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