Beyond Measure Education Forum


The movie, “Beyond Measure”, explained how a project based learning environment helped to develop students into becoming prepared for their life after schooling. This encourages a deep level of engagement where students better communicate and transfer into an environment where they are an active part of their education.

The panel members for the discussion following the film were teachers Mark Newton, Jake Sabot, counselor Aaron Ragon and school board member Anne-Marie Lemieux. They expressed their concern for their current system of education and took questions from the audience.

“I am very interested in public education and as a parent I am very concerned the education system with the changes that have been rolled out very quickly,” Lemieux said. “I want to make sure we are spending our money on the students responsibly and raise awareness.”

Talking to a new family of the Vista community, they are hoping to get away from the one-size-fits-all education model. They hope can adjust to different mindsets of students and the education can progress forward.

“Change is maybe what we need to do, we have been doing things the same way for such a long time. The world is changing and we need to the change as well,” Sabot said.

Mark Newton, media teacher, explained how project based learning has already been integrated into his media program. He explained how he challenges his students think outside the box and push themselves further in their learning.

“All of the project based learning is what we do in media, it is always what I’ve done. It 100% works and is the challenge of one more,” Newton said.

The goal of this film is to encourage teachers and parents to transform the education system into something more oriented towards student learning. The school presented in the film have already taken the first steps towards a new education structure and benefitting the students first.

“Education is so dynamic and we can constantly improve,” Ragon said.

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