Beware of Java


If you are using a computer (odds are that you are), you should take note of a new security flaw that is making it’s rounds. The software “Java”, made by Oracle, is one of the most popular pieces of software on the internet. It’s used by millions of people and odds are it is on your computer too. The newest software patch was released a few weeks ago and has received special attention from the Department of Homeland Security.


Because of several loopholes in the security, hackers can install “backdoors” on your computer, or a gateway to your computer. This allows hackers to install malware on your PC. The Department of Homeland Security is encouraging users to disable the Java plugin until a fix is put out.

Oracle has released a security update, but it hasn’t fixed all of the problems. Until a successful software patch is released, you’re encouraged to disable your Java plugin. Find out how to at When a successful patch has been released, this post will be updated.

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