Best Movies of 2015

This list is a combinations of movies that rocked the box office and movies that, while they did not receive much general popularity, are truly exceptional.


10. Star Wars: The Force Awakens


This film has already broke box office records, despite only being out a month, as fans all over the world flock to the theater to see another film masterpiece by George Lucas. It was, to say the least, the event of the year.


9. Inside Out


While the target audience may be young children, Pixar’s Inside Out was easily the best animated film released this year. With a complex idea of how emotions affect us and the bittersweet reality of growing up, this feature is an unmissable film that raises the standard of what animation can do.


8. Beast of No Nation


A film off the tragic story of Child Soldiers, this movie is an effective nightmare that creates an intense story. The screenplay and beautiful acting explores the depth of manipulation and the very real horror these kids have experienced.


7. Amy


Presenting an intimate portrait of the life and career of British singer/songwriter Amy Winehouse, this film explores the fine line artist have to walk between pleasing the crowds and pleasing yourself. A visually stunning and deeply personal film has brought new light to the artistic life and tragic death of the artist through personal accounts.


6.It Follows


Horror movies are hard crowd pleasers, but It Follows was a gem. Creepy, unsettling, and psychologically disturbing, this film has a unique style difficult to compare.


5. Mad Max: Fury Road


Bringing back the original craze of road warriors, this film had amazing cinematography, rousing movies goers to see a thrilling action movie.


4. Straight Outta Compton


Beginning and ending on high notes, this recreation of N.W.A’s story to fame loosens throughout the film to show what it takes to get to fame. This not only a tribute to the ground breaking pop culture and music N.W.A stirred up, but also a reminder of how far we have come.


3. Ex Machina


This mesmerizing science-fiction film has a simply screenplay that deals with the complex and philosophical topic of what really makes us human; bringing forward the length of what our technology is capable of.


2. The Martian


An engaging and rigorously realistic outer-space survival story, the film creators of The Martin were careful to give the book the screen credit it deserves. With a thrilling screenplay and complex emotions, audiences were sent reeling from this visually stunning film.


1.Bridge of Spies


A tribute to the Cold War, Bridge of Spies has a dark mood to it that created not only a visually stunning film but a complex and serious story line. Based off a true story that has been transformed into a remarkably genuine film.

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