Before Finals: A Friday at Vista

As the semester comes to a close, the fear of finals begins to creep up on students. Mountain Vista Media staff members interviewed a mix of students to see what they were doing on the Friday before finals.


Junior Aidan Parker, hangs an ornament on a mini Christmas tree he made in his AP Environmental Science class. “We made the ornaments for a Christmas party before finals, ” Parker said. “It was a nice distraction from the busy week.” Finals begin next week on Tuesday Dec 19.
Photo by TJ Coder

Junior Ethan Rouse studies for AP Bio during his off period. “I’m feeling pretty good [about finals week],” Rouse said. “The class I’m most worried about is AP Bio because I need to do well on the final to keep an A.” Rouse will continue to study over the weekend to prepare himself for his finals.
Photo by Sarah O’Sullivan

Sophomore Tom Child smiles next to a festive elf craft, which is a part of the holiday decorations made by NHS. “This elf makes me feel the giggly fun of Christmas,” Child said. The wintery ornaments around Mountain Vista lifted spirits and reduced stress for students in the tense weeks leading up to finals.
Photo by Sarah Hensler

Sophomore Justin Holobaugh studies for his finals. “I’m studying every chance I get,”  Holobaugh said. “My grades hang in the balance.” Holobaugh hopes that his hard work will soon pay off and is looking forward to seeing the new Star Wars movie.
Photo by Ryan Karsten

The basketball season has begun and the JV team has a record of 2-5 so far. “We are doing decent this season so far, we are still trying to get to know each other as a team, but I think that we will be a strong team by the end of the season,” freshman Amiya Robinson said. “It is just important to participate in an activity because it gives you responsibility and you get to know a lot of fun people.” Robinson is excited to finish off the rest of the 2017-2018 season.
Photo by Judith Sheahan

Juniors Raya Toukan and Serena Quinn study English and Physics in the cafeteria during second period. “I am working on assignments and reviews for finals,” Toukan said. “I am most prepared for my math final.” Finals begin next week before students leave for Winter Break.
Photo by Georgia Lane

Senior Jude Morehead dresses up in her Mrs. Claus sweater for her holiday party today. “I love Christmas time because I get to watch a lot of Christmas movies with my friends and family,” Morehead said. The Unified program celebrated the holidays with a party and gift exchange during third period on Friday Dec. 15.
Photo by Anne Gerringer

Finals can be stressful for students and staff alike, but one thing to help relieve stress is Vista’s own therapy dogs for anyone to visit. Stress is no stranger to students throughout the year, but the weeks leading up to finals are where it actually counts. “This semester has been more difficult than I initially expected, so preparing for finals has been more stressful than previous years,” senior Erin Solomon said. “Going to see the dogs or getting to pet them calms you down and you take a second to breath and know what you have to get done.” The dogs are always around to help anyone who needs to take a break from work or school. 
Photo by Jackson Braun

Seniors Andra Metcafe, Grace Matsey and Val Urquhart enjoy the Evanescence Synthesis tour on Wednesday night at the Paramount Theatre in Downtown Denver. “Amy Lee is one of the most talented women in music right now. The concert adapted her music to an orchestra for a brand-new artistic expression,” Urquhart said. Evanescence has been touring for their Synthesis album since October and plans on finishing the tour in 2018.
Photo by Erin Solomon

Senior, Blake Harris has a strategy for studying for finals. “I’m going to the library everyday after school because I can’t focus at home, and I study until I feel tired.” Harris said. Harris has four borderline grades, so he plans on working exra hard during finals week.
Photo by Shayan Zarrin

Junior Drew Stahl studies for his U.S. history final. “I have been studying really hard because I want to do good on this final so I can get an A in the class,” Stahl said. Finals start next week on the 19.
Photo by Addisyn Hartman

Sophomore Brynn Boeyink researches pictures for her final English project. “I’m really hoping to get an A to help boost my grade,” Boeyink said. Boeyink currently has an A in the class and hopes to maintain it.
Photo by Max Hutto

Sophomore Alana Hicks reviews pieces of literature from the past semester in her English two Honors class. “I feel ready for this final and I think it will help me demonstrate what I have learned this year while also being creative,” Hicks said. The students have already written a final essay and now have to construct a project that connects 15 stories that they have read this year, based on five common themes.
Photo by Tess Harbert

Sophomores Caroline Folz and Elena Johnson study for their Geometry final. “Geometry is definitely going to be my hardest final, but I think I’m going to pass it.” Folz said. Folz is hoping to finish finals maintaining her 4.0 GPA.
Photo by Alex Simpson

Sophomore Kayla Finley makes one of her weekly visits to see the school’s therapy dogs in the library. “They are really cute and fun and help me take my mind off everything and destress,” Finley said. “I’ll definitely be visiting them during finals week,” The therapy dogs will be available for all students during finals week to come and destress and reduce anxiety.
Photo by Victoria Coffman

Sophomores, Kendra Wegerson and Imogen Stephens express their level of stress for finals week. “I’m especially nervous for my final in AP World History but for the most part, I feel ready to take on next week,” Stephens said. The two girls are working on their English final together which involves connected pieces of literature throughout the first semester.
Photo by Harper Boggs

Freshman Lauren Marshall, Emma Krier, Kailee Pricebottom and Nick Deluca work on their final project for their English one class. “We are doing the project on the book To Kill A Mockingbird(TKAM), we read it as a class and it’s my new favorite book,” Marshall said. Their final project includes recreating the hero’s journey from TKAM.
Photo by Julia Kirsch

Seniors Erika Harper and Sammy Legg do improve during their theatre class. “Our final was at Thescon on Dec 9,” Harper said. “I performed a solo and duet musical theatre where I was also got the opportunity to represent our school at the conference on Mainstage.” On their final day, they are going out to lunch to celebrate the end of the semester.
Photo by Mindy Herrod

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