Battle of the Books


Over the weekend, seven Douglas County high schools competed in the Battle of the Books competition at the Parker library. This is a competition where teams from different schools pull together and come up with a list of books they want to read. From there, a book is selected from ten separate genres for each team to read. Each team memorizes small details from the novels and creates questions that will be selected and asked at the competition.

This event provides a way for girls and boys who have a passion for reading to compete and put their skills to the test. Six students from Mountain Vista battled and made up two of the twenty teams present. The girls who participated were freshmen Allie O’Brien and Tasia Norris, sophomore Laurie Chien, and juniors Ejemen Eichie, Lea Haertwig and Saskia Page.

This was a major step for our book-lovers since this event had not been previously available at the high school level. A few girls who attended had done this at the elementary or middle school level and were excited to see it develop at this age.

Many of the club members wanted to find a way to compete in something they love and this gave them that opportunity. “I love reading books as it is, but being able to compete on a team with friends who also love reading books makes it great,” O’Brien said.

One of our two teams present made it to the semifinals and then finished in third place. Haertwig was on the team that placed in third. “It was kind of surprising, but really exciting because it was such a new experience for us,” Haertwig said.

This experience also gave the participants a chance to make new relationships with people with similar passions. “This is a really fun opportunity and it’s also a great way to build relationships with others,” Norris said. “And you have to work better with [your team] because you rely on them.”

School librarian Julie Jacobs helped set up the event with the Parker librarian and she is extremely proud of her girls. “Hopefully word of mouth will help make it popular and our girls will let other people know,” Jacobs said. “These are [the reader’s] people.” She sees this as becoming one of the key elements to book club next year and expects more participation to come.

If you happen to see any of the following girls, please congratulate them for this first achievement in a long line of success to come.

Team 2( 3rd place winners):

Allie O’Brien

Tasia Norris

Lea Haertwig

Team 1:

Ejemen Eichie

Saskia Page

Laurie Chien


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