Back to School Study Tips


Sometimes when school is starting again it’s hard for students to get back into the flow of things. With a few study tips you will be sure to get those quality grades.

Although it can be hard to plan ahead, start studying weeks in advance for tests. Doing this allows you to avoid staying up all night and cramming information into your head the night before.

Keeping a planner is so significant and can be so helpful on many different levels. Write down test dates, and when assignments are due everyday. It also may help to highlight and color-code your planner.

Going to bed at a decent hour affects you more then you may think. Students who stay up all night tend to be the ones who don’t pay attention as much in class. Having a good night’s rest helps you keep up with being a student.

 Taking notes in class is the most important thing of all. Do not try to copy a slideshow or a lecture word for word. Try to understand what the instructor is saying and right down some bullet points.

If you don’t understand something don’t hesitate to ask questions and get specific help. Most teachers want to help you and make sure you understand. Following these simple steps can make your life as a student much easier and less stressful. Good luck!

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