Bachelor Season Premiere: Best and Worst



The season premiere of the Bachelor 2016 aired Monday, Jan. 4 at 8 p.m. central time. After meeting all of the eligible bachelorettes Monday, we have compiled our opinions of the best and worst girls.



Lauren Bushnell- Lauren is a flight attendant for Alaska Airlines, she told Ben she loves her job because it allows her to travel the world. We loved Lauren from the start because of her bubbly personality. It’s obvious she loves her friends, as they were featured in her bio for viewers. She graduated from college with a BA in Business Management. It’s hard not to relate to a girl who loves her friends, traveling and who took her education seriously.  


Olivia Caridi- One of the first things Olivia told Ben was that she quit her job, she works as a News Anchor for an NBC affiliate in Virginia, just so that she could have the chance to find love on the Bachelor. This, of course, caught Ben’s attention; Olivia was given the first impression rose, making her a target for the girls in the house. Although the season highlights make it out that Olivia will be the drama-maker in the house, we too like Olivia’s first impression. We are excited to see how Olivia is “the victim” and the “manipulator” in upcoming episodes.


Becca Tilley- Becca was the runner-up on Chris Soule’s season. Even though the other girls and some critics find Becca to be annoying and a fangirl of the Bachelor franchise; we see Becca as a down to earth girl who sticks to her principles. Even though it’s hard to find a role model amidst the bachelorettes, Becca is as close as we have come. She may seem to love the franchise, but even in all the crazy she manages to remain confident in her principles. Not to mention she’s drop dead gorgeous.



Lace Morris- This spitfire real estate broker from Denver, Colorado is clearly the villain this season. During the Rose Ceremony she noticed that apparently Ben wasn’t making enough eye contact with her and she pulled him off to the side to tell him… totally normal. In the season’s previews it’s clear Lace punches a girl in the face and gives her a black eye. We are curious to see how long Ben keeps the crazy around.


Mandi Kremer- Mandi is a dentist from Portland, Oregon who leaves a bizarre first impression from the start. She steps out of the limo with a giant rose attached to her head. Creative? She also makes Ben lay down while she whips out her dentist tools and checks his mouth for cavities to see if he’s “kissable.” We thought for sure she would be sent home after they started off on such an awkward foot, but apparently not…


Emily and Haley Ferguson- These two girls one by one appear to be normal until we find out they are identical twins. The two serve as cocktail waitresses in Las Vegas, Nevada and appear to be attached at the hip. It was clear Ben felt uncomfortable as he awkwardly offered a “group hug” as they both stepped out of the limo to meet him. We can’t wait to see how Ben handles this situation.


As the Bachelor season plays out it should be interesting to see how it all unfolds. Though we have favorites, anything can happen on one of the most dramatic seasons in Bachelor history (with the most beautiful pack of bachelorettes for our favorite bachelor to choose from).

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