Bachelor Final Three Predictions


After two weeks of the Bachelor, Ben Higgins is already showing signs of having feelings for some of the girls. Below are our predictions to who will be in Ben’s final three.

Lauren Bushnell: Lauren has been one of our favorites since we first saw her biography last week. Even though Lauren currently lives in Los Angeles, her job as a flight attendant makes it easy for her to transfer to a different city. This is, of course, important to Ben. Lauren wears her heart on my sleeve, she was quoted saying “when I love someone, there is never a question about how much because I will constantly showing and telling you.” Marriage and having a family is something that she values, so she and Ben seem to be in a similar state of mind when it comes to settling down.

Becca Tilley: America is rooting for Becca as we have all gotten to know her as she was the runner up on Chris Soules season. Both Becca and Ben treasure time with families and the two share a similar faith. Becca has a kind heart, she’s smart and she’s beautiful- she seems to be the ideal fit for Ben.

Joelle “JoJo” Fletcher: Jojo made quite the impression on Ben on the season’s first group date. He appreciated her willingness to put herself out there and her energy during their day at Bachelor High. Jojo’s genuine attitude has always been a quality that Ben is attracted to. She’s willing to embarrass herself for love- and that’s a trait not everyone has. She’s caught Ben’s attention early.
It’s pretty early in the season to tell if these three will appear to remain the top runners. In the Bachelor, the unexpected is always expected.

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