Make the SHIFT

Human trafficking is the modern day version of slavery, commonly believed to be hidden away in third world countries, away from the law and a justifiable line between right and wrong, but junior Aubrey Gerken advocates for awareness that that’s just not true. Gerken organized and spoke at the student-run Shift Justice Conference; an event […]


// HALEY KOLSETH, MIKAYLA OLAVE & GABE BARNARD // For over a century, women have been continuously struggling to get themselves out of the objectifying mold that society has put them into while simultaneously fighting for their equal rights. 2017, specifically, has been the year to celebrate women of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, religions and […]

The Best Test?

// GABE BARNARD & HALEY KOLSETH//  In 2001, The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) made the decision to delegate the ACT as the state college entrance exam. Law required every junior in Colorado have the opportunity to complete the exam and high school students invested time and money in preparing for the test that would […]

Great Barrier Reef – Dead or Alive?

// HALEY KOLSETH The Great Barrier Reef is one of the seven natural Wonders of the World, and is one of the only natural structures that can be seen from space. The reef has been home to marine ecosystems which offer habitats for thousands of oceanic creatures. The change in sea temperature is putting stress […]

Welcome to Vista: Athletic Director Shawn Terry

HALEY KOLSETH // MIKAYLA OLAVE Mountain Vista welcomed Athletic Director, Shawn Terry, from Northridge High School in Greeley, Colo. where he was previously athletic director and a part of the administrative staff. Prior to working in Greeley, he originated from Kansas City and Leavenworth, with a year in between where he worked in Independence, Mo. as solely […]

Goodbye Neathery Manucci

HALEY KOLSETH // ERICA VENABLE Marketing teacher Neathery Manucci is leaving Mountain Vista after her second year of teaching to transfer to EagleCrest High School.   MVM: What brought you to Mountain Vista? What did you teach? How long did you teach at Vista? How long did you teach in total? Manucci: An opening in […]