Art Field Trip to Chihuly Exhibit


The art department went on their first field trip of the year. All of the advanced art classes went to the new Chihuly exhibit at the Denver Botanical Gardens. “It was basically these huge sculptures of glass that were thrown in with the flowers and trees and water,” Aubreigh-Ana Tubbs, 12, said.

The artists were nothing shy of inspired after seeing the exhibit, “I personally think I got a lot out of it because it was really unique and beautiful to see how the art contrasted with natural art,” Tubbs said. They all enjoyed how effortless the glass looked and how colorful it was.

ChihulySince the field trip the class started their first glass projects. They are all trying to use some of the techniques displayed at the exhibit in their own work.

“We began our first pieces of glass pendants and our challenge was to incorporate the ways Chihuly used his glass work in nature into our own design,” Tubbs said.

Overall, going to the Chihuly exhibit was successful. It was both a good experience and a good takeaway for the students


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