Art Club




Twice a month a group of aspiring artists all meet in Mr. Goldman’s room to create and inspire amazing works of art. The club is run by sophomores Reagan Fitzke, Clare Liu and Hannah Avner, and is sponsored by Mr. Goldman and Ms. Price. “Art club is brand new and we are all excited about where we can take it,” Avner said.

Most students in the club have loved expressing themselves through artwork since a young age and plan to continue to do so in the future. “As long as I can remember I’ve always loved to doodle from when I was younger,” Liu said. For Avner, she is hoping to take things to the next level. “I’m interested in being anything from an animator to a book club illustrator after high school, there are so many options,” Avner said. Fitzke has also been into art since a young age.

Each week in the art club there is a brand new theme and students can take that idea wherever they would like. Members of the club enjoy the creative freedom they are allowed and interpret the specific themes in various ways. The format for this club allows so many distinctive pieces to be created and since each student prefers a different type or theme, a unique variety is made. For Liu, she usually likes to incorporate a forest/ fantasy type theme into her work. On top of that she finds classical pieces and pieces from the Renaissance to be “intriguing.” For Avner, she prefers to focus on realism and incorporates a stylized and unique style into her work. “I’ve mostly focused on realism over the years and try and see how closely I can draw an image or an object in real life. Recently, though, I’ve been trying to shift my art toward a more stylized and unique style,” she said.

The students plan on having the club next year as well and are going to take on some challenges. “We want to take on some big group projects to display around the school next year which is what I am most excited about,” Avner said. Next year, the club might cooperate with some national organizations when taking on big projects. They also plan on taking on national events to show off their work. Artist in the club are still brainstorming on this topic.

Overall, art club was a huge success at our school this years and the members are hoping more people will be interested in joining next year.



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