April Mayhem


With the spring break almost here, students can be sure of two things: only nine weeks of school left and mandatory state testing, the circus that comes every year. Every grade has a different test to worry about and each test is supposed to be of equal importance, but as the tests change and stress levels rise, the more students just don’t care.

“I think there is too many state test. There is just a lot of questions, just too many, and most of the time its information we don’t go over in class. I think one [test] maybe could help but i don’t think they prepare you for anything. It mostly just to seeing how well you are doing, and that doesn’t really help the future,” junior Kelly Bergstom said.

Everyone remembers last years’ trainwreck of state testing as the board attempted to implement PARCC. Tens of thousands of students choose to opt-out of the PARCC test in favor of going to their English and math classes to make sure they were prepared for their finals which were just a few weeks away.

This year, Mountain Vista is dedicating a week of school in April to state testing. Freshmen will be taking the PARCC, while Juniors take the ACT and CMAS. Next year, juniors will be required to take both the ACT and SAT.  Sophomores will be taking the PSAT.

English teacher Tracy Worek believes that the testing schedule is in much better condition this year. “The way they are doing it this year seems to make sense to me, so we don’t lost as much class time. If we are talking about the schedule and how it impacts the other classes, it’s a 100% better situation this year,” Worek said. “[I don’t believe that it] truly reflects who they are and what they are capable of. I feel bad that people feel like their whole value and their worth is defined by this number, but i also understand that with this state and with colleges they have to have some kind of measurement, but I certainly don’t know what it should be.”

Stay strong, Vista. The week also promises half days, a Friday off and prom.

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