AP Classes Are A Scam?


Many AP classes are offered at our school. But is it a waste of time to take them?

An article in “The Atlantic” by John Tierney, a former high school teacher and college professor, explores all the aspects of the AP program.

“The AP classroom is where intellectual curiosity goes to die,” John Tierney said.

The point of taking an AP class, which is supposed to be a college level class, is getting credits for college.

Students are not getting credit for the AP classes they took in high school. Instead, they are allowed to skip the introductory course in college.

“It’s no secret which colleges take AP credits and which don’t. You have to look at the colleges you’re interested in and make sure AP is going to be accounted for. ” Mrs. Meyers, an AP Human Geography teacher here at Mountain Vista, advises AP students.

One flaw of the AP program is that the classes are not taught at a college level. “The high-school AP course didn’t begin to hold a candle to any of my college courses,” Tierney said.

AP classes in high school are not the exact same as the classes in college.

However, they are not an entire waste of time.

“AP classes prepare students for the level of work and dedication required in college,” Mrs. Meyers said.

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