Anime Club: Semester Wrap Up


Anime is a style of Japanese film and animation that Mountain Vista has a club dedicated to.

Every Thursday after school, participating students get together to relax, hang out with each other, then most importantly, watching and discussing anime.

‘[The best part of Anime Club is] drawing and joking about the anime we are watching,” sophomore  Kristopher Manwaring said.

Members watch animes of varying genres ranging from comedy, action and everything in between. “It doesn’t matter what genre we are watching,” Manwaring said. “We enjoy whatever.”

This semester, there were about 20 members of Anime club. “More people should join,” Manwaring said.  “Even if they have a liking toward cartoons or laughing at ridiculous things, Anime club is the place for them.”

This club is a good environment to be in to meet new friends and create new experiences. “The people are nice there and they don’t judge,” Manwaring said.

Overall, Anime Club a place where people can embrace their passion, and have a great time.

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