An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton


Secretary Clinton,

In all honesty, I used to be a supporter of your campaign until better options came about. That, and it turned into an average political base that is seen too often in the presidential races.

More recently, an advertisement endorsed by you and your campaign simply reads “No.” with good-ol’ Donald plastered across a red background in black and white. Its pop-art is inescapable if I want to read news off Huffington Post or quite frankly anywhere around the World-Wide Web.

I’m not necessarily bothered by the original aim of the message itself. Rather I agree: We cannot let a prejudiced bigot take advantage of under-educated Americans to ride his way to presidency. But something I’ve often found issue with – in this case and in many others – is using fear as a mode of supporting an agenda.

You’re attempting to strike fear into voting Americans. Moreover, you’re attempting to present the issue as “If you don’t vote for me, get ready for Trump to take over.”

To me, this ideology is degrading to the values of democracy. You’re encouraging people to waste their vote on fear, not on true values and American pride.

I hope that in the future, you can learn from other candidates who run based off of the values of their own campaigns, not the downfalls of others.

Yours truly,

A concerned, future political science student

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