An Open Letter to Ben Carson


The extent of your knowledge seems to fall short in nearly every direction.

An amazing surgeon – yes, but an amazing politician? Economist? Negotiator? Human being? Not so much.

Pulling the good ol’ George W. Bush, “and-to-the-C-students” stunt, you tried to make the point that the dumbest kid in the room may be going the farthest. And how did you go about doing this?

By asking a class of fifth-grade students to point out the worst student in a room of 500 people.

Shockingly, and sadly, none of the students are reported to have pointed back at you.

Around a half a dozen, though, did point to one of their peers. And you were gracious enough to give him a talking to.

“You’re going to be a neurosurgeon, okay?”

What kind, inspirational words to the child expressively falling apart due to assumed embarrassment and disappointment.

Though you may have scared him when giving him so much to live up to, the pride he must feel probably made it worthwhile. Hopefully, after this kid becomes a neurosurgeon just like his hero, he’ll at least know when to stop. It seems like that’s about where you lost it.

Yours truly,

A speechless, future political science student

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