REVIEW: Alt-J Concert


Alt-J and LoveLife performed an astounding sold out show at the Fillmore Auditorium on Tuesday, Oct. 28.

That the show had sold out was impressive on its own, but then the fact that tickets right outside of the theatre were being sold for up to five times the face value only minutes before the show started was insane.

From the outside, it almost appeared as if the audience was slightly older than the usual indie-alternative concert would see right outside of downtown Denver. But soon after the doors opened, teenagers and college students packed the theater full.

Before Alt-J actually took the stage, another British alternative band, LoveLife, came out to exhilarate the crowd. Because the band isn’t as popular, it was apparent that almost no one in the crowd knew almost any of its music. Despite that, LoveLife still gave an amazing live performance while communicating perfectly with the crowd.

About an hour after the show began, the moment everyone was waiting for had arrived. Alt-J came out performing one of its more recent hits “Hunger of the Pine.” The band, aside from playing songs off of its new album “This is All Yours” that was released late last month, also played some of their best songs off of their 2012 album “An Awesome Wave” such as “Matilda” and “Something Good.”

Throughout the entire concert the crowd never seemed to lose much enthusiasm, though it was apparent that, being in Denver, some people were having a little too much fun. From beginning to end, everyone in the theater was singing along word for word with all of the songs.

Nearly two hours after the show began, Alt-J closed off its concert with “Breezeblocks” while the entire crowd chanted “Please don’t go, I love you so” along with the band.

The great thing about Alt-J is that the quartet, alternative band isn’t like many others. None of its music has the average indie tune to it and the notoriety of Joe Newman’s voice makes all of their songs not only sound amazing, but also extremely distinctive.

After seeing them live it’s now undoubtable that the band, that’s already growing thanks to its new album release, is about to get really big.

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