All Wrong Playing at Marquis


All Wrong, a predominately Vista comprised band, will be playing at the Marquis Theater tonight, Nov. 20 with Defy You Stars, 888 and headliner Almost Maine.

Seniors Tyler Felske (guitar and lead vocals), Nick Gunnare (guitar and back up vocals) and Aaron Albury (drums) make up the band along with ThunderRidge graduate Kayson Clark (bass and unclean vocals).

“We formed in July of 2014 after a band Nick and I were in broke up,” Felske explained. “We started writing immediately.”

The current lineup for the band formed back in December of 2014. They also released their first EP, “Where it Went Wrong,” in May of 2015 after two shows, one of which was at Sunshine Studios in Colorado Springs.

“We’ve worked super hard to get where we are and the small fan base we have is awesome,” Felske said.

The upcoming show at the Marquis is selling tickets at the door for $12.

“I’m stoked about the show,” Felske said. “We, as a band, have seen some of our favorite bands there so sharing the stage with not only them, but some of our good friends in the other bands, is such an honor.”

Felske and his fellow band members are excited to be playing in a show filled with so much talent.

“Every band on the bill tonight is amazing,” Felske said.

The drummer for Almost Maine, Adam Shaw, is also a Mountain Vista graduate.

Doors open at 7:00 p.m. and the show will begin at 8. The Marquis Theater is located at 2009 Larimer St. (Off 20th and Larimer) right next to Coors Field.

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