All Wrong Headlines Marquis Theater


All Wrong, an indie-punk quartet comprised of three Mountain Vista students and one ThunderRidge graduate, recently headlined the Marquis Theater in downtown Denver.

The show was the band’s second at the Marquis Theater as it played with Almost Maine, 888 and Defy You Stars in late November of last year.

888 is now fairly well-known for its song “Critical Mistakes” that plays on Colorado’s alt-rock station 93.3.

Before All Wrong hit the stage during its most recent show, local acts Dastard, Aspens and Manic all had time in the spotlight.

“Dastard is some of the most hard-working, persevering dudes I know,” Aaron Albury, the drummer for All Wrong, said.

Aspens and Manic both allowed for the crowd to go wild during their sets as well.

Once All Wrong hit the stage, its fans came out towards the front with the most enthusiasm that was seen all night.

“The energy that the crowd had was really cool,” Albury said. “There were a lot of crowd dives.”

And he was right. Fans and musicians alike both jumped from the stage to the audience for their potential chance to surf over the arms of the audience.

“It was crazy,” one of All Wrong’s fans, Kelsey Pharis, said. “At one point I was enjoying a great band play and next thing I know I’m being landed on by some random kid who jumped from the stage. It gave me another great memory.”

All of the hype was accompanied by a passionate fan base, giving the guys on stage a good following and the opportunity to connect with their audience that many bands don’t receive.

“When we went into our second song, I could hear – over the guys – everybody else singing,” Albury said.

The band’s second song of the night, “Not Getting Better,” was by far its most popular hit. A close second was its cover of Lit’s “My Own Worst Enemy.”

“I was a little bit nervous,” Nick Gunnare, the band’s guitarist and vocalist, said, “but I was thinking our last show at the Marquis went really, really well and there’s no reason we couldn’t do even better this time.”

Judging from the show’s turnout, the band exceeded its own expectations.

“There were probably 200 people there,” guitarist and vocalist Tyler Felske explained. “We sold 50 tickets, same with Dastard. Aspens and Manic didn’t sell too many, but they still got people to come and on top of that we got tons of door sales.”

Now, the band is working on its second EP, “We’re Bitter,” and planning on a February show at Moe’s Original BBQ.

“The new album is going really well. We have four of the songs completely written. At the show was our first time playing the new one, “Bitter,” that Kayson and I wrote on New Year’s Day,” Felske said.

Felske also stated that the band plans to hit the studio with Rusty Sun Audio, the same label that has recorded Aspens, Almost Maine and Asking Alexandria, in the coming months.

“It’s probably some of the best material we’ve ever written,” Felske said.

“It’s going to be the best,” Gunnare added.

There’s no release date for the album, but the band says to expect it this coming spring. Its next show is at Moe’s is on February 26. Tickets will be available online for pre-sale and at the door the day of. More information on Moe’s BBQ venue can be found here.

PHOTOS BY: Katie Pickrell

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