Albums That Need To Be Heard: Lateralus


Overview/ Reasons To Listen To This Album: In my opinion, this album is Tool’s best work. I can’t find a single track on this album that I don’t like, some stand out more than others, but overall this album is perfection in my eyes. Tool does a good job of appealing to all kinds of listeners, they have heavy riffs for all you metal heads out there, but a progressive rock approach to their music which appeals to those who enjoy listening to the likes of Pink Floyd. Despite Tool’s technical proficiency in their music, it still has a lot of Lateralusheart to it as well. The heavy riffs have emotional vocals behind them and they pertain to things that are meaningful, if you’re paying attention, you’ll probably be lost in thought after listening to this album long enough.

The vocals of Tool are another reason I think Lateralus can appeal to lots of people. Everyone I talk to seems to have this idea that metal music is all harsh screams, and while this may be true for some bands, Tool is one of the many exceptions. Lead singer Manyard James Keenan’s vocals are easy listening to many, with passionate yells at times, but no “screams” per se. His emotion is believable too, he never yells for the sake of yelling, his lyrics mean something to him. Another important thing to point out about this album that I touched on earlier is the technical proficiency of the instruments. Unlike most guitar heavy metal music, Tool’s sound is ruled by bass and drums. I don’t care how many times I hear these songs, sometimes I still find myself with my jaw on the ground when I hear Danny Carey’s amazing drum beats and drum solos. Tool’s sound is so unique, it’s almost more of a feeling, personally whenever I hear this album or any other Tool album really, they make me feel a certain way no other band can make me feel.

I think Lateralus should be listened to by fans of all music, even if metal isn’t your thing, I still strongly encourage you to at least give this album a try, Tool has changed my entire perspective of music as well as my life.

Tracks That Stand Out: The Grudge, Schism, Lateralus (All the tracks are great, these are only starting points).

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