After Prom Q&A with Chairman Dana White

One exciting event that follows prom is the after prom.
Q&A with chairman, Dana White:Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 8.04.22 AM
Vista Now: What are you most excited about? 
Dana White: I am most excited about having another successful After Prom at Vista.  The past two year’s events were so awesome, and I hope this one can be even better.
VN: What is something that will be different this year?
DW: We are having race car simulators as well as some old fashioned video games from the early 80’s.  In addition, we are using a new company for the inflatables; I’m really excited about them!
VN: Why do you think people should attend?
DW: Many kids feel that the night of Prom is a time to get a little out of hand and do things that might not be safe.  After Prom is a safe, alcohol and drug free environment where kids can have tons of fun and win AMAZING prizes.  In my opinion, kids will always have a chance to get a little crazy, but there is only one night they can go to After Prom.
VN: What should people wear to after prom?
DW: Very comfortable clothing and shoes.
VN: How does after prom flow into the prom theme?  
DW: The Roaring 20’s was a very popular decade, and it rolls right into our theme of “Looking Back, Moving Forward”.
VN: What was the inspiration for the after prom theme?
DW: My daughter Molly, who is a Senior at Vista this year had the idea last year, but for many reasons we went with a different theme.  The more we thought about the Decades theme, the more we liked it!
VN: What would you like students to take away from after prom?
DW: I would love for students to walk away from After Prom saying that they had an amazing time and are so happy they attended.  Then, I would like them to keep talking about it for awhile and hopefully the tradition will continue for many years to come.
Make sure to buy after prom tickets, juniors and seniors are free and guests are $15.
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