A Week in the Life of Students

In a school of more than two thousand students, there is constant activity every day throughout the week. Mountain Vista Media staff members captured moments in a variety of students’ lives as they attended school and enjoyed their time outside of class the last seven days.

Sophomore Alana Hicks checks her grades before class Monday morning. “I like to check my grades every morning so I know what classes I should start preparing to work hard and push in,” Hicks said. Hicks hopes to maintain good grades throughout not only this year, but the rest of high school.

Photo by Chloe Yets

Junior Malach Goldberg enjoys a cup of black coffee in the morning before school. “Coffee has always been a part of my morning routine,” Goldberg said. Starbucks coffee contains an average of 95 mg of caffeine, giving Goldberg a large amount of energy to start off the day.

Photo by Ben Yoshida

Sophomores Kami Grammerstorf and Kendall Kessler sell Vista discount cards at King Soopers to help raise money for the softball team. “My favorite part about playing softball for Vista is having the opportunity to get to know the upperclassmen and developing relationships with everybody on the team,” Grammerstorf said. The softball team’s first league game was Monday, Aug. 21 against Vista Peak Preparatory School.

Photo by Anne Gerringer

Freshman Aubrey Warder works on organizing her folders for each of her classes. “School has been really good and it was really fun,” Warder said. So far, Warder’s homework load has actually been miniscule.

Photo by Amanda Gross

Sophomore Sophia Randazzo examines her solar eclipse glasses so she can watch her first total solar eclipse. “I’m excited to see this eclipse because the last time it happened was before I was alive and I don’t know when it will happen next,” Randazzo said. The eclipse took place on Monday for the first time in 38 years.

Photo by: Hannah Corbet-Thiele

Seniors Jake Sawyer and Simon Pozder taste the most spicy taco at Torchy’s Tacos while completing their Calculus Three homework. “I’m taking four AP classes each semester this year to improve my rank and grade point average,” Sawyer said. Even though Calculus Three is not an AP class, it does receive weighted credit.

Photo by Erin Solomon

Freshman Erica Rivera works on making s’mores in her catering class.  “I asked for this class because I love to cook, it is one of my skills,” Rivera said.  Rivera can’t wait to start cooking some of her favorite foods in this class.

Photo by Judith Sheahan








Junior Christian Hoagland attends a Die Antwoord concert at Red Rocks. “It sounded awesome and I love [the performers],” Hoagland said. Die Antwoord is a South African electronic dance music group that is currently on their last world tour.

Photo by Hannah McClain

Sophomore Evan Rouch rides back from Wheatland, Wyo. after viewing the solar eclipse as part of a school field trip arranged by science teacher Jason Cochrane. “I felt that today’s trip was very fun and I’ve never done anything like this,” Rouch said. The next eclipse will occur in 2024 and its path of totality will include Highlands Ranch.

Photo by Max Hutto

Sophomore Harrison Paul throws the football in his backyard with his family. “I like that I can play the sport I love with my biggest supporters,” Paul said. “I really don’t know what I would do without all of the motivation and support I get from them.” Paul is looking forward to playing on Junior Varsity for Mountain Vista High School.

Photo by Madison Paul

Sophomore Allison Marsh works on a personalized 3-D cube in her Interior Design class. “I’m excited, I’ve never taken Interior Design before so this should be interesting”, Marsh said. Marsh said she intends to turn the project into something that represents herself.

Photo by Jeremy Lundberg

Senior Will Coder tests out his solar eclipse glasses on Monday prior to the onset of the cosmic event. “I am planning on watching the solar eclipse with my family,” Coder said. The moon reached its maximum coverage of the sun in Colorado at 11:47 a.m..

Photo by TJ Coder

Sophomore Justin Holobaugh practices his swing for an upcoming golf tournament at Topgolf in Denver. “I’ve been playing ever since I was a kid,” Holobaugh said. Holobaugh is a part of the school golf team and is excited to compete during this season.

Photo by Ryan Karsten

Junior Charlie Fu skims over his AP Environmental Science notes for the last time before his quiz. “I studied a lot over the weekend and I finished the reading guide. I think I will do fine,” Fu said. The class was taking their first quiz on the first chapter of the curriculum that day.

Photo by Shayan Zarrin

Sophomore Maddy Palmgren meets up with the girl’s cross country team to create a fleece blanket in preparation for the season. “Making blankets is an important part of the cross country experience, because it allows the whole team to get together and bond,” Palmgren said. Making blankets is a tradition for the girls that began several years ago, with the purpose of utilizing them during meets to stay warm.

Photo by Tess Harbert

Junior Brody Dempsey stretches after his long run on Saturday at Dekoevend Park. “Running with the team really motivates us to try to reach the goals we’ve set for the season ahead by being able to push each other through tough workouts or runs,” Dempsey said. Dempsey has run both cross country and track for Vista since he was a freshman, although he was out for part of last season due to an injury.

Photo by Sarah O’Sullivan

Senior Lia Herrod studies for the upcoming ACT test. “I study very hard in order to get a high score on the ACT so I can get into a good college,” Herrod said. Herrod’s end goal is to achieve a score on the test that will enable her to be accepted to better colleges.

Photo by Mindy Herrod

Sophomore Chase Standen listens to his coaches address the team after their inter-squad scrimmage. “This year I am a little nervous to get back to football because we will be with varsity all the time, but I am mostly looking forward to it,” Standen said.  Standen is excited to be back at Shea Stadium because playing under the lights makes the already enjoyable game more fun.

Photo by Lauren Cowie

Juniors Sasha Bosio and Ashley Stem enjoy their afternoon in American Sign Language (ASL) class while signing to each other. “If I could go back to my freshman year to pick my language I would still choose ASL because it is just different from everything else, I have had such a great time meeting new friends and the teacher is amazing,” Stem said. Both students are glad to have taken this class and hope to have a great experience throughout the year.

Photo by Jackson Braun

Sophomore Emma Buchanan talks in the hall with friends before school starts for the day. “I get a ride to school from a friend,” Buchanan said. “Then [I] meet up with a few friends.” Buchanan hopes to get better grades and has set a goal to work harder this school year.

Photo by Georgia Lane

Photography teacher Kristin Johnson stands next to some recently developed film in the photography room. “I like the freedom of [photography], you never run out of materials and you never run out of different ways to portray things,” Johnson said. She has been teaching for six years, and doing photography for 12.

Photo by Audrey Brown


Sophomores Chloe Yets and Kendall Kessler study vocabulary for a quiz in Honors English Two.  “I have been studying all weekend and I’m feeling confident for the test,” Yets said. This was the first vocab test out of many to come over the year.  

Photo by Harper Boggs   

Sophomores Hannah Thiel and Marlee Burkett prepare for the 2017 total solar eclipse. “This is best day of my life, it’s a truly remarkable once-in-a-lifetime experience,” Thiel said. Excitement overcame the pair and many other students as they watched the sun meet the moon in the middle of the sky.

Photo courtesy Lizzie Brennan   

Senior Gabrielle Lansville works hard on an upcoming essay for her English class during her off period as she reflects on her week. “It was a pretty good week, all my teachers are very understanding of our homework,” Lansville said. “They understand that we have extracurricular activities.” One class, ACC Personal Finance, stood above the rest of Lansville’s classes because of her interest in the field.

Photo by Taryn Glentzer

Sophomore Harper Boggs completes her first week of school. “I feel relieved to have the first week of school finished,” Boggs said. “I’m hoping that next week is a lot better.” The past week Boggs had a challenging time getting through crowded hallways and was assigned a large amount of homework, building up stress to vent over the weekend.

Photo by Lizzie Brenneman

Junior Greyson Koinzan races her way into the weekend after the first week of school. “I am really enjoying my classes so far,” Koinzan said. ”I’m ready for the experiences and challenges that come with junior year as long as I can keep playing Mario Kart with friends to destress.” Koinzan, a captain for the Speech and Debate team, an Editor for Mountain VIsta Media and a student taking three AP classes continues to stay on track in school even though she came in last in Mario Kart.

Photo by Carly Ems






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