50 Things Mountain Vista Students and Staff Love About Mr. Weaver

Happy 50th birthday, Mr. Weaver!
  1. mweaver.jpeg“The first time I met Mr. Weaver I was on crutches. He was so interested as to why I was on crutches, and it made me happy.” —Ali Parks, senior

  2. “He’s a nice guy.” —Tynan Person, sophomore.

  3. “I may not know him that much but he’s a really cool guy.” —Jared Gassen, freshman

  4. “He’s inspirational and moving.” —Parker Schroeder, sophomore

  5. “He seems like a nice guy. He doesn’t seem to be too strict with things and he’s really laid back about what happens at the school.” —Brian Marsh, junior

  6. “I like Mr. Weaver because he’s really personable, and he will always say hi to random people in the hallway. It makes you feel like he cares about you.” —Ana Krasuski, junior

  7. “He’s really awesome and nice.” —Mackenzie Martin, freshman

  8. “Mr. Weaver is really personable and he makes an effort to get to know everyone and know everyone’s names. He has young kids so he can relate to us.” —Natalie Hoagland, senior

  9. “Mr. Weaver is the coolest principal.” —Sam Sherman, senior

  10. “Mr. Weaver for president.” —Erick Lopez, senior

  11. “[Mr. Weaver] is awesome. He’s 10 times better than anyone else, especially Barry Manilow over at Thunder Ridge. Their principal looks like Barry Manilow.” —Garrett Taylor, senior

  12. “He’s always happy to see you!” —Andrew Walton, senior

  13. “I like that Mr. Weaver is so easy to approach. You always know that if you have a problem you can go talk to him and he’ll help you out.” —Mallory Christensen, sophomore

  14. “He genuinely cares about who you are and how you’re doing that day.” —Lindsey Sorensen, senior

  15. “He knows everyone’s name and is super friendly.” —Sarah Burgoyne, senior

  16. “I like that he actually takes the time to talk and get to know you. He is always all for coming to choir and theatre things.” —Nicole Bills, senior

  17. “He stands in the halls and says hi to everyone. I also like how he supports all the sports. He’s at every game!” —Sarah Crabb, senior

  18. “I like how he knows peoples names and what they do.” —Carson Hart, senior

  19. “I love how Mr. Weaver is always smiling” —Kinsey McNevin, senior

  20. “He knows your name, even if you’ve never met him. He’s very relatable. He’s always very perceptive to student input and issues in the school.” —Bailey Parker, senior

  21. “I really like how he makes an effort to know every student’s name and makes announcements most Fridays telling everyone how great the week has been. It creates a really positive atmosphere in the school.” —Aparna Krishnaswamy, senior

  22. “He’s the type of guy where you wouldn’t want to get in trouble with him not because you’re scared of the consequences but because you don’t want him to be disappointed in you.” —Kelsey Luke, senior

  23. “He really listens and cares about what you think. If you have a suggestion or an idea, Mr. Weaver is totally open to it, and he wants to work with you.” —Dylan Ingram, senior

  24. “I’ve known Mr. Weaver since he was my elementary school principal, and he has always been so interested in getting to know students personally and learning about them. He’s a really genuine person.” —Taylor Blatchford, senior

  25. “I’ve known Mr. Weaver since elementary school, and every time I see him he always has a smile on his face and says hi to me.” —Gabe Rodriguez, junior

  26. “Mike Weaver always has a ready smile and a positive upbeat attitude. He greets everyone by name and usually a high-five or fist bump. He is down-to-earth and approachable. His open-door policy creates a collaborative work environment. His enthusiasm spreads like Weaver Fever!” —Shannon Vance, English

  27. “Mike Weaver…Man of Mystery…How does he know every kid’s name?” —Cindy Galligan, Counseling

  28. “My birthday wish for Weaver is to be a believer that we can all be highly effective achievers!” —Mary DeBolt, Physical Education

  29. “He gives the best fist bumps.” —Lindsey Jaffe, Family and Consumer Science

  30. “I like that Mike Weaver is easy to talk to!” —Kim Cox, Family and Consumer Science

  31. “I am inspired by Mike’s passion and willingness to take action. I also like the fact that because of his passion, he is more likely to get kicked out of a football game than I am.” —Ric Cash, Physical Education, football head coach

  32. “Mike is a great leader who treats others with respect. He is thoughtful and recognizes the importance of relationships. He is a kind and compassionate man who truly values people. He knows what really matters. Happy Birthday Mike!” —Jody Lanterna-Lewis, Science

  33. “I like the fact that Mike has taken the time to learn each of his faculty members by name and makes each of us feel equally important. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE!!!!!!!” —Christine Voigt, Instructional Support Services

  34. “‘There are two ways of spreading light, to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.’ Thank you Mike for always being such a positive light and creating a great environment for students and teachers. Happy Birthday!” —Julie Sturgeon, Instructional Support Services

  35. “One of my favorite things about Mike is his genuine compassion and concern for the staff and students of this building. Mike is always seen in the hallways greeting the MVHS community with a smile! It’s refreshing to have someone leading our school that genuinely believes in the staff and students — it makes all the difference!” —Schehera McKasson, Music

  36. “I appreciate Mike’s enthusiasm for creating the best experiences for kids! Without a doubt, he cares about the successes and well-being of every student and staff member in this building, and that’s what makes him stand out above the rest.” —Maja Buck, Music

  37. “Mike, your time spent when I was going through the decision process to come to Vista was huge. You were a huge reason I jumped ship and came. You are truly a great leader.” —Jake Herman, Science

  38. “Mike Weaver is a very effective administrator. He is visible in the school and regularly interacts with the students and staff, all the while knowing everyone’s name.” —Linda Hammerton-Morris, World Languages

  39. “I like his excitement and enthusiasm and he is constantly striving to have the best school spirit in the district. It makes a big difference to the students, faculty and staff to see his excitement about being a Golden Eagle!” —Steph Cooper, Instructional and Technical Support

  40. “I like how Mike always knows the student names and something about them like sports, college likes, classes, stuff they are involved in. He is great about establishing a comfort zone with the kids.” —Susan Mitchell, Administration

  41. “Two thoughts: I like that Mike is the definition of a “glass half-full” person. I also would like to remind him he can still run the 2014 Las Vegas Rock & Roll half-marathon and get it in while he is still 50.” —Staci Stech, English

  42. “It’s great to have a “boss” who has an open door AND who doesn’t necessarily want to talk just about work all of the time. I appreciate every single time I can walk into the office and talk baseball. It makes my day just a little lighter and brighter. Happy 50, dude!” —Jeremy Goldson, Theatre

  43. “Mike, thanks for your positive impact on Mountain Vista High School! I still want to know how you remember all those names! Truly amazing!” —Kent Allison, Business and Technology

  44. “It has always impressed me that Mr. Weaver knew my name and who I was right away. He takes the time to get to know the students and teachers at MVHS which makes a huge difference in the morale of our school. Thanks!” —Kelly Paulson, English

  45. “I was hired from out of state so I did not have the opportunity to meet Mike in person, but when I finally did get meet him in person on the first day I was so impressed that not only did he know who I was, but he was able to name all the new teachers — by first and last name. No small feat considering there were at least 16 of us!” —Jennifer Dunlap, Instructional Support Services

  46. “Mike Weaver is such an inspiration each day! He is always so positive, upbeat and ready to take on any mountain. Mike Weaver truly takes the time to speak with not only his staff members regularly, but also the student body. I have been so impressed with Mr. Weaver during my short time here at MVHS by his generosity and kindness. Happy Birthday Mr. Weaver, I hope you have a phenomenal day!” —Shana Cummings, Instructional Support Services

  47. “I’ve never felt so welcome at a new job. Principal Weaver was responsive to all my emails, questions and concerns as I was coming from out of state. Not only was he helpful, but he helped with a servant’s heart and a smile on his face. He is a true leader, and made me want to be part of Vista.” —Jason Fisher, English

  48. “Leave it to Weaver.” —Tom Neal, lead custodian

  49. “Mike Weaver is always friendly and smiling. He makes everyone feel welcome and genuinely cares. We are lucky to have him as our principal at Mountain Vista!” —Kelly Cavin, Health

  50. “The coolest thing about Mr. Weaver is that he’s genuinely in education for all the right reasons.” —Mark Newton, English
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