4 Tips For Studying Before Finals


With finals just around the corner one of the hardest things to do is study. It can seem almost impossible to focus and the stress can at times be overwhelming. Fortunately there are four things that can not only reduce the stress behind studying, but also lead to a better grade.

1. Make a running list

With limited time, prioritization is key. Know which classes you need to study for the most and what will be on the tests. Once you have the classes you need to study for narrowed down, it’s easier to break the test down into individual parts. Write down what you’re not sure of and study those in particular. This helps focus your attention and gives you somewhat of a checklist to follow.

2. Finals grade calculator

This simple online tool is actually one of the most helpful thing when it comes to finals week. Yes, you know that you need to do well, but how well? Using this simple online tool can help you set a specific goal for yourself, which is often easier to fathom, strive for and attain. This is a free online tool that requires current grade in class, desired grade in class, and how much the final is worth. Give it a try to make studying simpler.



3. Avoid distractions

With a phone, Tumblr and a dog in the background, it can be difficult to concentrate on the quadratic equation. This is why it’s crucial to create an environment where you’re not surrounded by these distractions. Turning your cell phone off and finding a quiet, public place like the library to study can help maintain focus. If you’re having trouble avoiding procrastinating while on the web, there is a quick fix.  If you use Google Chrome or Firefox, the extension “StayFocusd” can manage the time you spend on a list of sites and will block the sites you program.


4. Sleep

While it may be tempting to cram and pull an all nighter the night before finals, the impact of this can actually have a reverse effects. Sleep deprivation has been found to lead towards worse grades and worse performance on tests, virtually nullifying any studying done the night before. Try to get as much sleep as possible in order to stay fresh and ready for the exams of tomorrow.

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