39 Students, Teachers Travel to Europe


Mountain Vista High School, as many of the students know, is bursting with different opportunities. Over spring break, 39 Mountain Vista students along with teachers Charles Patrick, Catherine Ayers and Dean Heidi Schuster traveled throughout Europe.


Mountain Vista takes the trip annually. This year’s trip consisted of five different countries: Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, The Czech Republic and Germany.

Patrick has been going on the trip for the past nine years. Overall he said, “going to Egypt was the best experience I’ve had; we went inside the pyramids, we sailed down the Nile, we even swam in the Nile.” Unfortunately, MVHS students and staff have not been able to travel back to Egypt due to the political unrest.

For this year’s trip, many students and teachers agree that witnessing the Berlin Wall was the most profound and powerful moment.“It was amazing because you’ve read about it you’re entire life but you don’t remoistally realize what it is until you’re standing there looking at it,” said sophomore Ally Faller.

Sophomore Doug Meredith says that by far “Austria was the best.” Meredith explained that Austria had some of the best food and the most beautiful architecture. “Most of the cities throughout Prague were built after World War II, so you could see the effects of the war,” Meredith said. Patrick agreed saying, “Prague was a great city, it looked very medieval. They had amazing foods and a lot of great desserts.”

Almost all people who had the opportunity to travel through Europe with Mountain Vista agree that it was a good opportunity.  “I think the trips are amazing because they show you how incredibly small the world is and how big it really is at the same time. You can almost see what it’s like to live in these countries,” Patrick said. “Everyone on the trip was amazing, we were really nice, everyone got along. There were no feuds, it was really cool,” Faller said.

The 2015 spring trip next year will be to England, France, and Germany. The cost for the trips is high, running in at about 3,500 dollars, but students and staff agree that the trip is well worth the money.

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