$25 Starbucks Gift Card Second Contest

The first Vista Now Gift Card Contest has ended, and a winner has been decided. Congratulations to senior Nathan Mortimer for sending in all of the correct answers to the riddles and winning the $25 Starbucks gift card. His answers were as follows:

Question: What does not need to eat or drink to survive, but will die without food and water?

Answer: A Super Market.

Q: How can you look into the past without a time machine?

A: Photographs.IMG_9844

Q: What fruit do many people use nearly every day without eating?

A: Apple

Q: What is at the beginning of every eternity and at the end of every race that hides in between your bed?

A: The letter e.

Q: I have one penny. I get another and now I have two pennies. I get another and have three pennies. I get another and now I have four pennies. I get another penny, so now I have five. I got one last penny and now I have one penny. What happened to the other five pennies?

A: They are now a nickel.

The second contest begins now and submissions will be accepted from now until Dec, 30. The winner will be announced on Jan, 9 where another contest shall begin. A $25 Starbucks gift card is still the prize, but instead of answering riddles, the contest is to see who can submit the best photo. The task is to take a photograph that best embodies the theme and is the most creative. The theme for the photos is “teen life in a nutshell.” The photo can not be edited in photoshop or any other picture editing software. Photos can be submitted to vistanowcontest@gmail.com. Good luck to all those who enter.

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