2017 NFL DRAFT: Who Should The Broncos Pick?


The Denver Broncos will have the 20th overall pick in the 2017 NFL draft at starting tonight at 6p.m. on the NFL Network.

Possible 1st Round Picks:

Tight End, David Nojoku,  Miami.
Many other teams already have Nojoku high on their lists, but don’t be surprised that the Broncos pick a red zone threat if the conditions are right. Broncos nation saw the offense in the previous season struggle to get easy touchdowns and settling for field goals. Nojoku is no joke at all in Miami. In his final year, Nojoku had 43 receptions for 698 yards and eight touchdowns, although it wasn’t enough to win all-conference honors in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC), Nojoku still fits into many offenses in the NFL including the Broncos.
Apart from Nojoku’s threat as a tight end in the red zone, his large wingspan and slide blocking ability can boost the run game to help CJ Anderson. There is a low chance that Elway can score on him tonight (especially with bigger priorities in the offensive line), it is a comfort to know that the Broncos have many options to draft a player that can give an immediate talent boost to the offense.
Running Back/Slot, Christian McCaffrey, Stanford.
The Broncos do not need a hybrid running back and slot receiver, but we do love the McCaffreys here in Colorado. Christian McCaffrey is Ed McCaffrey’s son, a former wide receiver for the Broncos, Christian also played here at Valor High School (CO), then played exceptionally well as a punt returner, slot reciever and running back at Stanford.
With CJ Anderson coming back and also assisted by Devontae Booker, picking McCaffrey is a kind of a waste of a first round pick, but Bronco nation would really enjoy having another McCaffrey running through defenders. However, many fans are not weighing the fact that McCaffery would not be used to his full potential with a poor O-line blocking for him. But come on, he’s just really good and he’s Ed’s son. Not to mention that Elway is known for bringing in the sons of Broncos alumni. For example, former head coach Gary Kubiak’s son, Klint, coached along side his father in the 2016 season. The Broncos may need to trade up to get him, but if the time is right, Elway is not afraid to pick him up.

Offensive Tackle, Garett Bolles, Utah.

Many think that the Broncos will pick Utah Offensive Tackle (OT) Garett Bolles,  to assist the little to non existent run game. With quarterback Trevor Siemian, a young 7th round QB thought to be a career backup taking the reins of the offense as with the starting job, the Broncos experienced a mediocre 9-7 season with Siemian taking many sacks each game. Bolles has a big chance to stun expectations with his physical prowess and mental toughness with his life stuggling with many home issues and his mother’s drug addiction.

Bolles is the oldest player in the draft turning 25 in May but his standout run blocking and passing protection has earned him a spot in the first round. Whether the Broncos can score on him or not, he is the player that can add much needed help to the O-line.

Offensive Tackle, Ryan Ramczyk, Wisconsin.
Also a projected first round pick in the 2017 NFL Draft Profiles, Ryan Ramczyk offers the Broncos a future franchise tackle within a couple of seasons on the team. Not to mention that in his two years with Wisconsin he showed his highly effective ability to slide out of the formation to block the edge in addition to his hands always ready to engage in combat with edge rushers. Ramczyk offers the Broncos a bright outlook into what the Broncos can do in the run game this upcoming season.
Although Ramczyk is more than physically capable to handle large defensive ends and fast line backers, many teams will pass on him for his long and slender structure. His shoulders are narrower than the average lineman in the NFL and he is also recovering from a hip surgery which made him miss Wisconsin’s bowl game last season, in addition to missing the combine. Overall, Ramczyk is a proven player and if offensive coordinator Mike McCoy can find out ways to utilize him to his slide blocking strengths, he can help change the Bronco’s run game.


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