Ken Bone


Kenneth Bone, an undecided voter who appeared in the presidential town hall debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton has quickly become a social media sensation overnight. He was dubbed the debate mascot soon after he appeared. His discernible red sweater and beautifully crafted mustache have become staples in the current election for President of the United States.

Bone recently participated in an “Ask Me Anything” on the popular social media website Reddit. Users asked him questions, but when venturing into his post history, some scandalous truths about Bone were discovered.

Ken Bone self-admittedly ogled at Jennifer Lawrence’s “butt hole,” believes Trayvon Martin’s death was justified, admitted to “felony insurance fraud” and is a fan of kinky “PreggoPorn” These cringeworthy online musings were discovered on Thursday during his Q&A.

There has been much outrage from the media and American people after Bone’s dark history came to light. People felt betrayed and insulted. 

Bone had a good run as the American people’s champion, but now his reign as the greatest thing to come from this election cycle has unfortunately come to an end. 

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