2013-2014 Student Leadership


The winners of the recent election for 2013-2014 student leadership were announced today. Next year’s Student Body President will officially be Chandler Zastrow.

“Today has literally been the most stressful day,” Zastrow, junior, said after hearing of his victory, “and now it’s just… done.”

Zastrow plans to have a lot more student input in the school when he is Student Body President next year . “A lot of times we have events where people say ‘I don’t want to go to that,'” Zastrow said, “So I’m going to help have [the events] that they want to have.” He tells the students to look forward to having great events.

Just after the results of the election were released Zastrow, a smile of triumph and joy plastered on his face, said there was one thing he wanted to tell the entire student body. “Thank you so freaking much.” he said.


Student Leadership election winners

Student Body President: Chandler Zastrow

Vice-Student Body President: Jack Cartwright

Class of 2014 Representative: Blake Phillips

Class of 2015 Class President: Haley Chambless

Class of  2015 Class Representatives: Andie Mitchell, Erick Sherwood

Class of 2016 Class President: Brent Lackey

Class of 2016 (Sophomore Ballots): Coby Petau, Akanksha Ray

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