16 Things to Do in 2016


A new year means a new you, right? Not necessarily. It’s easy to think only of the negatives from the past year and make goals to change those negatives to positives, but focusing only on the negatives distracts from the positives that deserve to be celebrated. So instead of making resolutions to change yourself, here are 16 things to do in 2016 that will make your year more fulfilling.

  1. Read 16 new books.
  2. Donate 16 articles of clothing.
  3. Go to 16 new restaurants.
  4. Introduce yourself to 16 new people.
  5. Set aside 16 personal “Me” days.
  6. Go to 16 school-sponsored events (Football/Basketball/Unified games, Choir/Band/Orchestra concerts, fundraising nights, Homecoming, etc.)
  7. Ask 16 questions in each class.
  8. Save at least $16 for college every month.
  9. Exercise for at least 16 minutes every day.
  10. Talk to your parents about your day for 16 minutes.
  11. Add 16 new words into your daily vocabulary.
  12. Do 16 hours of community service.
  13. Write and deliver 16 hand-written letters to friends/family via snail mail.
  14. Learn the same sentence in 16 different languages.
  15. Read the news for 16 minutes a day.
  16. Sit in silence for 16 minutes a day.
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