Flu Season 2014-2015

Flu season has become customary in the United States. Every so often, sneezing and coughing will become rampant across the U.S and the time has come again for Americans to be extra careful.

On Monday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported 43 states are having
widespread flu activity. 36 states were reported to have widespread flu activity last week, including Colorado. The map provided shows how the flu has spread throughout jhhubthe U.S.

A very high flu season is anticipated as H3N2, the strain of flu that has accounted for 95% of flu cases this year so far, has mutated. Due to the current vaccination not being as effective against the current form of the H3N2, people are more likely to catch the bug than usual until an updated vaccination is released.

However, the CDC still advises that anyone who experiences flu like symptoms be vaccinated. According to CDC spokesperson Erin Burns, a similar outbreak occurred in the 2003-2004 season and the vaccine was still 43% effective.

The flu season is expected to end in February, according to the CDC, but it could last until May.8135428744_b25b1f8e82_b

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