Student of the Week: Brianna Rist

Student of the Week is a series designed to help everyone at Mountain Vista High School learn more about their fellow classmates. This week: Freshman Breanna Rists

Eagle Eye: What’s your full name?

Brianna Rist: Brianna Nicole Rist.IMG_9569

EE: Where were you born?

BR: Omaha, Nebraska.

EE: What is your favorite color?

BR: Blue.

EE: What is something people don’t know about you?

BR: I like go-kart racing.

EE: What do you do in your free time?

BR: I mainly do poms.

EE: What is the most interesting thing that has happened to you at school?

BR: Meeting new people.

EE: What do you plan to do after high school?

BR: I want to go to Colorado University in Boulder. I want to be a sales engineer.

EE: When did you start dancing?

BR: I started when I was two, then I quit in sixth grade. I got back into last year.

EE: What caused you to quit in the first place?

BR: My company wasn’t very good anymore.

EE: What drives you to keep dancing?

BR: It’s a passion. I love to dance.

EE: What kind of dancing have you done with your companies.

BR: I have done ballet, tap and jazz.

EE: What are your goals in regards to dancing?

BR: I want to be on varsity poms, so I need to work really hard.

EE: Can you describe what a sales engineer is exactly?

BR: They know how to the product works and they sell it. Not a lot of people know about sales engineers.

EE: What made you interested in becoming a sales engineer?

BR: My dad is an engineer and I like to sell things and I’m good with people.

EE: How do you plan on becoming a sales engineer?

BR: I’m trying to get good grades in math, science and marketing. I’m also going to take intro to engineering.

EE: Does your dad feel proud about you following in his footsteps.

BR: Yea, it does. Maybe when I am older we can work together. It would mean a lot to him.

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