“13th Floor” Haunted House Review

10339359615_f22eb1a75dTARA O’GORMAN

October is known for haunted houses. A haunted house that thrived last year was 13th Floor. It seems to be the place where teenage boys try to show off to their girlfriends how manly they really are.

The scenery of the 13th Floor is in the middle of an industrial area which adds to the creepy thrill. Not only does the scene add to the thrill, but there are people following participants around trying to get a reaction while just standing in line.

Entering is the biggest thriller, there are no expectations just a lot of different scenes where people try to grab you. Strobe lights intensify the experience, making it more unexpected when people jump out. After being jumped at around every corner, you expect people to jump out but there still are twists and turns that always get you.

The actors themselves are real characters. They get into costume. There are a little bit of everyone’s fear there, especially clowns. They sometimes even put hands on their victims. There are a lot of unexpected people that is hard to see until they touch you.

This experience is only just as good as the group you come with. Make sure to have someone to hang onto.

There were intense moments where screaming was the only thing to do but the adrenaline rush is definitely worth the money. It is a great way to change a boring night into one to remember.

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